Guest speaker

Although our guest speaker Jenny Amaraneni’s business wasn’t a digital business, it was very empowering and inspiring seeing how her passion helped her business flourish. It taught me a lot about how building a business isn’t about the money but about bringing a service to society to help it prosper. Her presentation taught me to focus more on what I’m bringing to society that no one else currently is.

As a journalist, it’s important to me to ensure that people are receiving accurate news is. From listening to Jenny’s presentation, I think to understand and realize this is the first step to a profitable and prosperous business. Especially as a woman, I couldn’t imagine how difficult it must have been for her to get people to trust her product and get her business off the ground. Overall, it was a wonderful opportunity to listen to how one woman’s dedication led to such a prosperous business that has been saving lives.


Bringing my idea to fruition

The more I work on my business plan, the more the possibility of bringing this application to fruition seems impossible. Due to all of my competitors and how Facebook brought out a feature that shows users the difference between fake and real news, it’s been difficult trying to make my project unique. As more companies are attempting to solve the era of misinformation, I feel like all of my ideas have already been implemented in other forms.

On the other hand, it’s been interesting trying to think of ways to make my product stand out amongst the rest. Having competitors that are already so big in the country gives me the opportunity to work harder and think bigger. Since I don’t necessarily plan on bringing my idea to fruition after I graduate, it’s difficult to feel truly passionate about my product. This has made it harder to think bigger in terms of my product. But also realizing that I may have to start making my product a reality in the future since the journalism field is dying and jobs aren’t offered as much anymore has also kept me motivated.

Honing my skills

As I continue to interview people about my phone app idea, the more I realize that I have a lot of work left to do. It’s been interesting watching my idea grow and expand because creating my own business never seemed realistic to me until now. As a journalist, I have a constant fear of never getting a job in a dying business, so knowing that I now have the skills to create my own business gives me hope for my future.

Listening to guest speakers who have created their own successful businesses has been very eye-opening and inspiring. The chance to learn from their mistakes and truly hear about their journey has been an amazing opportunity. I hope to implement everything I’ve learned from these guest speakers into my final business plan. Although I don’t have any plans of truly going through with my business plan in the real world anytime soon, I hope to keep honing these skills for my future.

Working on my business plan

I never realized how difficult it would be to find ways to make my product better than my competitors. Different news sources and apps are available to the public, so my biggest difficulty has been trying to find ways to make more product more valuable than other products that are offered. I’ve also been working on thinking about how I’m going to make money through my product.

The competitive analysis has been the hardest part of this class so far. I realized that I need to start thinking more like a business person than as a journalist. I’m more interested in the importance of giving consumers real, factual news than on how I’m going to do it and how I’m going to make money off of it.

Working on my Canvas

As I was working on my Canvas, I realized how difficult it’s going to be to put an overall business plan together. I’ve noticed that a lot of people I’ve interviewed agreed that my business idea is relevant and necessary. I hope to keep working on my business plan and adapting it to make it a viable option as a mobile application.

I believe that my business plan can help reduce the spread of misinformation. I’m hoping to use my application to reduce misinformation and to create awareness about the importance of hardworking and trustworthy news publications in a progressive society. I’ve noticed that older people tend to receive their information from social media sites such as Facebook where fake news are spread around the most. People who receive their news from social media sites also usually don’t understand the difference between real and fake news and what makes fake news fake, so my application would bridge that gap and educate people on which sources to trust or not to trust. Ultimately, I’m hoping that my application can educate people and create a more empathetic and educated society.

Finding my idea

Attending a sensor journalism event taught me a lot about creating new business ideas. I learned that no idea is too big or too small and that idea is ultimately possible. The event also taught me to first look at my community, find a problem, find data and create technology. Although I’ve already thought about creating a new app, I haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact problem the app will solve.

By following these steps, I plan to first look at my community which is the College Area. As a college student, I know a lot about the problems college students face on a daily average. There has been a lot of crime occurring in the neighborhood so I would want to focus on making it safer for students to be on campus. A lot of students live near campus and attend parties near campus, the parties are the targets of most crimes around College Area. I plan to keep talking to students to find a universal problem most students experience. I would also like to talk to more students about ways they believe that problem could be solved and try to embody in that an app of some sort.

Entrepreneurial Observation

Not only were attendees taught how to incorporate sensors into journalism, but we were taught how to create sensors.
Not only were attendees taught how to incorporate sensors into journalism, but we were taught how to create sensors.

Attending a sensor journalism event showed me a completely new and innovative side to journalism. While I’ve been used to learning about the traditional journalism, the opportunity to immerse myself in a new form of journalism was eye opening. For the first time in my college career, I was able to spend an entire day learning about a new transformative method of journalism, which taught me that, as a journalist, I have a duty to venture out and find new ways to tell stories. The entire experience was a learning experience that left me with a new outlook on the journalism field.


During the event, some of the entrepreneurial concepts and techniques that were used were content aggregation and distribution, web content and application development. During the day, each speaker talked about creating different types of sensors to research information. This ranged from how to create the sensor to how to employ the sensor in any situation. We were also taught how to create content for our audience and how the audience would consume the content. Speakers also talked about ways to aggregate content from the community.

Speaker Eric Frost talked about how he used sensors for his work.
Speaker Eric Frost talked about how he used sensors for his work.

My group’s idea formed when one of the members of my group brought up the idea of testing the air quality of schools on either side of the border. She’s from Arizona so she was used to seeing the disparity of quality of life between cities across the border. Our idea was to test air quality, water and traffic in a school on both sides of the border to determine the quality of both schools. We all agreed that the idea was relevant and important to a particular audience.

At first, one of the challenges my group had were picking on an idea. We were stuck on two great ideas and spent a lot of time deciding on which idea to ultimately pick. We also spent a lot of time trying to figure out the impact of our idea and how the public would consume it. Overall, we all worked well together when it came to forming our idea.

During the entire event, there were points where I felt lost because I was unable to grasp the concept of incorporating sensors into journalism. I had difficulty trying to keep up with the concept of how to use sensors to tell a story. Since I’m not a very techy person, I wasn’t able to understand a lot of the concepts of the event, which made it harder for me to follow along during each speaker and activity. I felt like everything in the event was sort of rushed, and I wish I had more time to immerse myself into the concept of sensor journalism.


One of the take-aways I had from the event was that there isn’t just one way to be a journalist. Journalism is an ever changing field and people are constantly changing it and adapting it to the current social climate to best suit the needs of consumers. Another take away I had from the event was that technology is not only for the tech savvy. No matter what your skills are, it’s important to keep broadening your horizons and making sure you’re staying up to date with current technology. The least thing I took away from this event was that changing and adapting journalism to create different forms like sensor journalism keeps the concept of consuming news alive. People need information and it’s important to keep creating ways to give people what they need.


This entrepreneurial experience helped me realize that no idea is ever too big or too small. I learned that anything is possible. In terms of my business plan, I learned that I can keep adapting my idea as I go and I never have to fully stick to one idea while I’m creating my plan. I realized that before I create my plan, I have to think about my community, think about a problem, find the data and create the technology. This experience taught me how to plan out my business plan with easy steps.

By the end of the event, groups had the opportunity to present their ideas to a panel of judges.
By the end of the event, groups had the opportunity to present their ideas to a panel of judges.



Welcome to my site! On this site, you will find the progression of my entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial idea and story. I will be blogging about my progression, and, over time, videos and photos will be added to this site. By the end of this semester, you will be able to find my finalized idea on this site as well as the processes and paths I took to get to my final idea.

You will watch my idea grow on this site, and I’m excited to use the skills I gain in this class to help me stand out in the journalism field. In an ever changing field, staying ahead of the game is a necessary step to stay relevant. This site will reflect how I plan on growing and changing along with the journalism field.