Finding my idea

Attending a sensor journalism event taught me a lot about creating new business ideas. I learned that no idea is too big or too small and that idea is ultimately possible. The event also taught me to first look at my community, find a problem, find data and create technology. Although I’ve already thought about creating a new app, I haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact problem the app will solve.

By following these steps, I plan to first look at my community which is the College Area. As a college student, I know a lot about the problems college students face on a daily average. There has been a lot of crime occurring in the neighborhood so I would want to focus on making it safer for students to be on campus. A lot of students live near campus and attend parties near campus, the parties are the targets of most crimes around College Area. I plan to keep talking to students to find a universal problem most students experience. I would also like to talk to more students about ways they believe that problem could be solved and try to embody in that an app of some sort.


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