Working on my Canvas

As I was working on my Canvas, I realized how difficult it’s going to be to put an overall business plan together. I’ve noticed that a lot of people I’ve interviewed agreed that my business idea is relevant and necessary. I hope to keep working on my business plan and adapting it to make it a viable option as a mobile application.

I believe that my business plan can help reduce the spread of misinformation. I’m hoping to use my application to reduce misinformation and to create awareness about the importance of hardworking and trustworthy news publications in a progressive society. I’ve noticed that older people tend to receive their information from social media sites such as Facebook where fake news are spread around the most. People who receive their news from social media sites also usually don’t understand the difference between real and fake news and what makes fake news fake, so my application would bridge that gap and educate people on which sources to trust or not to trust. Ultimately, I’m hoping that my application can educate people and create a more empathetic and educated society.


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