Bringing my idea to fruition

The more I work on my business plan, the more the possibility of bringing this application to fruition seems impossible. Due to all of my competitors and how Facebook brought out a feature that shows users the difference between fake and real news, it’s been difficult trying to make my project unique. As more companies are attempting to solve the era of misinformation, I feel like all of my ideas have already been implemented in other forms.

On the other hand, it’s been interesting trying to think of ways to make my product stand out amongst the rest. Having competitors that are already so big in the country gives me the opportunity to work harder and think bigger. Since I don’t necessarily plan on bringing my idea to fruition after I graduate, it’s difficult to feel truly passionate about my product. This has made it harder to think bigger in terms of my product. But also realizing that I may have to start making my product a reality in the future since the journalism field is dying and jobs aren’t offered as much anymore has also kept me motivated.


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